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OEM Thermal Imager Ready for Integration

The MicroCAM Integrator is a 'kit' based solution to integrate low power thermal imaging into your thermal imaging project or application.

The MicroCAM thermal camera kit is based on a MicroCAM 3 core along with its state-of-the-art features together with a smart application board and OLED display.

Thermoteknix provides a range of application-specific hardware and software solutions for OEMs and integrators.


The kit offers the complete electronic solution for creating custom thermal imaging solutions.


The components can be deployed together and individually in numerous configurations.


The solution allows OEMs low-level access to Thermoteknix engineering capability. Thermoteknix are experienced in working with OEMs to deliver these kinds of solution.


384 x 288 resolution option


640 x 480 resolution option

Option 384 x 288 LWIR 640 x 480 LWIR Amorphous Silicon
Sensitivity (f/1.0 no lens) <50mK or <40mK (optional) (f/1.0 no lens) <50mK or <40mK (optional)
Power consumption <0.55W / <0.75W <0.55W / <0.75W
Operating temperature -40°C to +70°C -40°C to +70°C
Weight <60g <60g

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