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New generation miniature, low power thermal imaging core for OEM applications

MicroCAM 4 is the new generation miniature, low power thermal imaging core for all OEM applications. Shuttered and or shutterless XTi options are available with a range of different detectors.

In a cylindrical package, the module is ready to integrate into third party OEM technology – from aerospace and defence, police and security, border patrol, search and rescue to hunting, wildlife monitoring, scientific and R&D devices.

The new generation MicroCAM 4 thermal imaging core has higher performance and state-of-the-art characteristics of size, weight and power (SWaP).

Exceptional low latency and high shock resistance ensure smooth operation under the harshest of operating conditions. MicroCAM 4 is the first choice for integrators and developers.

The option of a fully waterproofed, sealed housed MicroCAM 4 is also available for users looking for a complete solution.


MicroCAM 4 thermal imaging core features Thermoteknix patented shutterless XTi Technology so viewing is never interrupted.


Low latency is vital for direct viewing applications such as head mounted vision aids. Any significant latency causes nausea and is a danger when navigating in theatre.


MicroCAM 4 is available in 640×480 12µm resolution with wide range of lens options and customisation. Thermoteknix is unique in working closely with OEM’s to share our expertise to add features and customise our products.


640 x 480 resolution


XTi Shutterless Technology

Detector 640 x 480 12µm LWIR
Power consumption <0.75W
Supply voltage 2.3V-5.5V
Spectral response LWIR Broadband
Pixel pitch 12µm
Frame rate 25/30Hz or 50/60Hz (Optional 9Hz)
Size 36 x 24.5mm / 1.427 x 0.96inch
Weight 30g / 1.1oz

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