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Real-time imaging, recording and analysis system

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Real-time data imaging, replay and analysis system

ThermaScope MultiView is the real-time imaging, recording and analysis system for ThermaScope HDC and ThermaScope HDT kiln and cooler cameras, and fully integrates up to three thermal or visual video connections simultaneously.

The MultiView system records and stores real-time ThermaScope high frame rate image data in a rolling two month buffer for independent or linked recall simultaneously with live imaging display. The MultiView interactive timeline controls playback and live play at the touch of a button.

Review kiln events at light up, fuel change or as part of root cause analysis following upset conditions like 'snowmen' or 'red river'. Multi-View is available as an upgrade to add functionality to existing ThermaScope high definition camera installations or for completely new systems.

The ThermaScope MultiView interface delivers optimum temperature and visual clarity to give an immediate understanding of kiln or cooler conditions from the operator desktop or display panel.

Monitor and trend graph real-time temperatures continuously with an unlimited number of tools including spots, polygonal, triangular and elliptical areas of interest.

Tools can also be placed on previously recorded data to enable analysis and data export.

Fully-featured alarms and output controls provide more than just an image.

Powerful, Multiple Viewing Options

Multi-View accepts either one or three simultaneous high-definition real time imaging data streams into one PC for display on single or multiple monitors, optimising space in the control room while meeting both desktop and panel display requirements. The system provides networked display onto remote PCs outside the control room for live and historical data viewing by key engineers and plant personnel.

Linked Kiln & Cooler Views

When three ThermaScope cameras are installed on the same kiln and cooler, data feeds can be linked and synchronised on the timeline in ThermaScope HD MultiView. Operators can view data from both the kiln and cooler at the same point in time, to analyse the impact of events either live or retrospectively, giving unrivalled benefits to optimise kiln operation and production efficiency.

Full OPC Compliance

MultiView provides OPC interfacing for ease of third party integration into plant operating and automation protocols. Full OPC functionality enables alarms, events and data access to be accommodated without the need or cost for complex or third party custom software development.

Product Features
Record, replay and analyse ThermaScope HD footage
Fully interactive timeline
Powerful user event logging function
View ThermaScope HD kiln and cooler video on same monitor (picture in picture)
Linked kiln and cooler views
Full OPC compliance
Full networked, remote access
Event logging

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