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High definition temperature measurement camera for burner zones and coolers

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High quality imagery from inside the kiln or cooler

ThermaScope HDT temperature cameras provide high quality imagery from inside the kiln or cooler.

Based on Thermoteknix’s proprietary miniature infrared camera module with high-resolution progressive scan technology, ThermaScope HDT deliver real-time radiometric imaging with accurate temperature measurement.

ThermaScope HDT kiln and cooler cameras improve operational efficiency and facilitate the combustion control process while enabling safe compliance with pollution minimising protocols.

ThermaScope HDT kiln cameras work in conjunction with Thermoteknix real-time ThermaScope MultiView state-of-the-art software.

ThermaScope HDT aids in detecting snowmen, red rivers and other process anomalies to make routine plant maintenance and shutdowns more predictable and less disruptive to production.

ThermaScope HDT cameras are built to withstand the harsh environment of the cement kiln and provide high quality, reliable and accurate data from inside the kiln.

Requiring minimal maintenance, our cameras relay valuable information from the heart of the clinker-making process, enabling plant engineers to make informed decisions about their operation.


60 frames per second progressive scan high definition imaging with 20 bit wide dynamic range covering flame, clinker and internal wall temperatures.


Requiring just 300 litres per minute STP (11 cfm) of compressed air, our ThermaScope high definition cameras use a fraction of air consumption compared to competitors’ kiln cameras which mean lower running costs and a fast return on investment.


All ThermaScope high definition camera systems work in conjunction ThermaScope Multi-View software, real-time imaging, recording and analysis, that delivers the widest range of display, trending, alarming, control and interfacing in an intuitive graphical user interface which can be quickly configured to meet the needs of individual control rooms.

Temperature range 600 to 1800’C
CCD format 1280 x 960
Display format 1280 x 720p (HD) Progressive Scan
Dynamic range >115db
Colour resolution 12 bit
Response time 5.48 V/lux-sec
Focus 0.2m to infinity
Aperture f/2.4
Frame rate 60Hz
Aperture control Automatic
Operating range, ambient -20’C to +70’C
Enclosure rating BS EN 60068-2-1/2

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