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ThermaScope HDC kiln and cooler camera

High definition, high performance camera for rotary kiln and high energy industrial applications

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High definition colour camera for coolers and burner zones

Thermoteknix's high-definition, high-speed ThermaScope HDC colour camera provides high quality imaging from inside the kiln and or cooler.

ThermaScope HDC cameras deliver exceptional detail and visualisation of your process in real time.

High frame rates enable process engineers to determine operational conditions quickly and reliably.

Our high-definition cameras enable you to observe the effect of control changes with a high degree of confidence.

Confidence and control are critical elements of developing robust and effective optimisation programmes and the ThermaScope HDC will play an essential part of the team.


ThermaScope HDC cameras support wide dynamic image range to enable simultaneous detailed feature display in modern high energy processes.


High performance, energy efficient air cooling eliminates complex water chillers and reduces running costs compared to traditional camera systems.


Sate of the art technology delivers best in class video quality and detail to support process professionals who rely on the best equipment quality and reliability.

Temperature range N/A, visual wavelength sensor
CCD format 1280 x 960
Display 1280 x 720p (HD) Progressive Scan
Dynamic range >115db
Colour 12 bit
Response time 5.48V/lux-sec
Frame rate 60Hz
Aperture control Automatic
Focus 0.2m to infinity
Aperture control f/2.4
Operating range, ambient -20’C to +70’C
Enclosure rating BS EN 60068-2-1/2

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