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One platform combining and comparing data from multiple temperature sensors over the rotary kiln and cooler

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Real-time data imaging, replay and data analysis for ThermaScopeHD cameras

MultiView Enterprise from Thermoteknix is a unique solution which provides a dynamic timeline with a single, intuitive common user interface to deliver seamless display and operation of multiple temperature sensors inside and outside the rotary kiln and cooler.

Operators can easily view, and switch between sensors, view live and historical data separately or in sync between the kiln shell, burning zone and cooler.

Simple controls enable accurate rewind, pause and replay on demand. Temperature versus time trend graphs deliver new and historical user-defined measurement tool data, dynamically displayed along a continuous timeline from past to present and beyond.

Complete control in one simple interface saving time & money

MultiView Enterprise is a dedicated kiln process software system, delivering real-time and historical process insight, condition alarming and control, all in one easy to use, real time, plant configurable package.

MultiView Enterprise accepts process data from multiple instrument systems, displaying the results with unmatched clarity and ease of operation, unlike the screen clutter and complexities found in competitive systems.

High-definition video from critical stages in the process can be easily viewed, replayed and recorded on a common timeline linking kiln shell scanners, pyrometers, kiln and cooler cameras alike.

MultiView Enterprise and Thermoteknix solutions are helping plants around the globe to maximise production and product quality. Our systems are assisting industry to meet increasing demands from environmental regulation and the challenges of incorporating variable and alternative fuels.

Key benefits to plants and operators

The many key benefits to implementing MultiView Enterprise include:

  • Early identification of developing refractory, fuel or feed problems enable preventative control measures to reduce refractory damage.
  • Active alarm controls limit sudden refractory failures preventing and limiting secondary damage to the kiln shell from light-up to shut down.
  • Common controls used for all sensors and industry-purpose intuitive user interface delivers lower training burden and ease of operator familiarity to maximise the use of all software features.
  • Integrated historical data from all sensors on a single time line makes real time and historical review immediately available to spot process trends.
  • Real-time alarming that is linked to relays, audible alerts, on-screen messages and email to selected recipients link the events in the control room to the process engineer or supervisor office. Every alarm is recorded in the Thermoteknix MultiView Event Log so every event is captured.
  • Multi threaded processes enable OPC outputs to deliver data continuously to third party process control without interruption by simultaneous off line review of data or events.
  • Flexible configuration – operators can choose to view all data on one screen or multiple screens, to best suit the control room layout and preference.
  • Track events leading up to an alarm using the historical recall trend function to analyse fuel, feed or process changes and their effects to improve or duplicate operational processes. Provides uniform controlled light up strategy for consistent operator to operator confidence.

This product incorporates ThermaScope®, WinCem®, PosiTrak®, Centurion® and WinBrix® technologies.

Innovation at Work®, ThermaScope®, WinCem®, PosiTrak®, Centurion®, WinBrix®, Thermoteknix® and the Thermoteknix Systems Ltd logo are registered trademarks of Thermoteknix Systems Ltd.


A brand new feature enables the operator to place new tools on previously recorded data where there were originally none, in order to interrogate historical footage.


Early identification of developing refractory, fuel or feed problems including sudden refractory failures thanks to advanced real-time monitoring of the kiln from light-up to shut down.


Never miss an alarm! Real-time alarming that is linked to relays, audible alerts, on-screen messages and email to selected recipients. Every alarm is recorded in the Thermoteknix MultiView Event Log so you will never miss a single event.

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