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Centurion TK50 kiln shell scanner and WinCem MultiView

Infrared kiln shell scanning system designed for demanding environments

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Kiln shell line scanner and data visualisation system

Centurion TK50 scans the length of the cement kiln 30 times per second making hundreds of thousands of accurate temperature measurements in real time, along and around the circumference of the kiln.

It operates continuously, reliably and accurately at wide ambient temperature ranges with state of the art solid state electronics and a high-performance thermo-electrically cooled detector for optimum sensitivity, accuracy and ruggedness, detecting hot spots and changes in coating before damage occurs to the refractory lining and kiln shell.

Fibre optic signal transmission ensures error-free communications in the harshest environments, immune from electrical and mechanical interference.

Centurion TK50 works with powerful award-winning market leading Thermoteknix WinCem MultiView software bringing unparalleled high definition display, coating/brick thickness displays, dynamic multi-region trending, heat loss/thermodynamics package and many more features for alarm monitoring and process interfacing.

Thermoteknix's patented PosiTrak alignment technology allows key features of the kiln to be superimposed on the image and to maintain consistent, precise spot measurement at every point of the kiln and the values seamlessly merged with scanner data including elimination of shadows caused by intervening obstructions to the field of view.

Alarms and Events

WinCem alarms and outputs can automatically trigger and control cooling shell fans to promote coating when needed as well as interface by analogue or digital output to third party process control systems including Expert systems.

Tyre Slip and Tool Panel

The Tyre Slip Monitoring (live ring migration) accessory integrates into the WinCem software to provide tyre slip display per rotation and provides individual alarms on each tyre to alert to excessive or reduced differential rotation between tyre and kiln.

Reduce costs and interruptions

WinCem software delivers advanced kiln shell refractory and coating calculations to provide operators with computed brick and coating thickness during day to day operation. Proprietary algorithms track changes in shell temperature throughout the life of a kiln campaign to display the build up of coating and erosion of refractory lining in real terms. Worst-case tracking and re-lining indication identify areas of the kiln which have lost and reformed coating to direct maintenance teams to pinpoint areas for repair and replacement at each planned or emergency stoppage, saving substantial costs and repeated interruptions to production for avoidable stoppages.

Scanning rate 30Hz
Linear samples per scan 2048
Focus 1m to Infinity
Scanning field of view 120°
Spectral range 3.3μm - 4.2μm
Temperature range 60-700°C
Filter Atmospheric
Power consumption 24 Watts
Scanning window Solid sapphire glass

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