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Enhancing situational awareness & target identification with ATAK integration

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Augmented Reality Daylight Head-Up Display for Tactical Situational Awareness

VisAR augmented reality (AR) head-up display overlays digital mission information onto the real world in daytime environments by projecting data in front of the user’s eyes, allowing the user to see both the virtual content & the physical world simultaneously.

User GPS position & heading can be displayed to the operator, while also providing real-time AR data coming from a Battle Management System such as ATAK, enhancing situational awareness & safety. AR data can consist of live Blue Force tracking, pre-planned routes, or video from
external devices such as ISR assets. Filters can be easily applied to ensure the cognitive burden is minimised & operators are not overwhelmed by excess information.


VisAR uses ARTIM, which can be operated as a connected and integrated system with existing digital mapping platforms such as TAK and communication networks such as 4G or data enabled radios. This allows for real-time team location sharing.


ARTIM integrates with existing digital soldier systems & secure communication networks to display real-time data sharing & instant situational awareness, which in turn can be displayed by VisAR for collaboration across multiple teams.


The bright OLED display ensures a crisp overlay even in bright sunlight, while adjusting the brightness ensures it can also be operated in low light situations.


Digital Magnetic Compass






Single Control Wheel

Size 110mm x 77mm x 97mm
Weight <150g
Battery Provided by ARTIM or ARTIM-MINI
Battery Life Up to 24 hrs
Display Type OLED, monochrome
Resolution 800 x 600 pixels
Brightness >1000 cd/m²
Frame rate 60Hz
Lens FOV 40°
AR Display FOV 40°
Mount Left or right eye (User changeable)
Video input Yes
Compass Internal
Environmental MIL-STD-810G
Operating temperature -32°C to +55°C

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