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Lightweight, ergonomic, medium-range handheld thermal imaging monocular

TiCAM 600 is an easy-to-use, lightweight, ergonomic, medium-range handheld thermal imaging monocular delivering excellent image quality. Ideal for highly mobile reconnaissance operations and evidence recording.

Available in two models, TiCAM 600 with 384 x 288 detector, and TiCAM 600+ with 640 x 480 detectors, TiCAM 600 provide exceptional image quality and performance including man detection at distances in excess of 2,300m.

The TiCAM 600 meets the needs and provides the perfect solution for many police and military medium range surveillance applications including Infantry, Special Forces, Search & Rescue, SWAT, Border Security, Target Acquisition, Counter Terror Operations, VIP Protection and for general night-time situational awareness.

The device operates for 6 hours on 4x AA batteries and weighs just 630g including on-board batteries.

Connections also allow external power and video output. USB connection allows images and videos to be downloaded from within the device as well as the ability to control the device remotely using Virtual TiCAM remote software.

Features include GPS, Digital Magnetic Compass (DMC), in-camera video and still image storage, x1/x2/x4 zoom and laser pointer (visible or IR).


60,000 still images or 8 hours of video can be captured and stored on the TiCAM 600 internal memory card. This can then be downloaded via USB to PC.


Using a highly accurate GPS & Digital Magnetic Compass (DMC), the TiCAM 600 allows the user to display current location and direction of observation within the device. This information can also be recorded on any images or videos captured.


Thermoteknix Virtual TiCAM software allows you to remotely operate TiCAM 600 using a PC and to review/download and synchronise multiple TiCAM cameras with ease.


384 x 288 resolution


AA Battery Powered


Digital Magnetic Compass





Model TiCAM 600 TiCAM 600+
Detector 384 x 288 LWIR 640 x 480 LWIR
FOV 5.2° 10.4°
Man detection 2353m 2353m
Dimensions 201 x 94 x 70mm 201 x 94 x 70mm
Operating time 6 hours 6 hours
Weight 630g 630g

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