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Day and night capability delivering accurate target location

TiCAM 1000C XD is a rugged, surveillance, target location, acquisition and reconnaissance system with day and night capability delivering accurate target location and real time visual and thermal imaging providing man detection up to distances in excess of 3,900m.

It combines a LWIR uncooled thermal imager and high-resolution daylight CCD channel with GPS, eye-safe Laser Range Finder (LRF), Digital Magnetic Compass (DMC) and Laser Pointer.

Targets are acquired quickly and accurately with a variety of methods to communicate essential location and target imagery to the observer and host systems. Fall of shot capabilities can be calculated automatically using triangulation modes.

Built-in visible and thermal still image and video recording ensure that operationally critical information is recorded in camera or accessory device and presented in a clear format via the intuitive user interface. Dual OLED displays ensure maximum comfort during long periods of surveillance.

TiCAM 1000C XD delivers a 24-hour capability in a wide range of challenging operational scenarios with a low training and support burden and operates from 8xAA internal batteries or external power. It can be connected directly to various Battle Management Systems (BMS) for real-time data exchange.


The TiCAM 1000C XD has a novel and unique interface that is intuitive and is easy to learn and operate its full functionality in the field.


TiCAM 1000C XD is based on a Thermoteknix 640 x 480 LWIR uncooled thermal imager and daylight CCD electo-optical bore sighted channel for true 24-hour operation.


TiCAM 1000C XD can be connected directly to various Battle Management Systems (BMS) using standard and custom interface protocols. Thermoteknix ConnectIR Android application provides secure connectivity to Android phone or tablets to transmit near-real time information to authorised recipients using cellular, wireless or radio networked connection.


640 x 480 resolution


AA Battery Powered


Digital Magnetic Compass




Laser Range Finder



Thermal resolution 640 x 480 LWIR
Thermal field of view (FOV) 6.2⁰
Target detection 3922m
Dimensions 196 x 165 x 99mm
Visible camera Yes
Laser range finder (LRF) Yes
Operating time 8 hours
Weight <2kg

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