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Miniature lightweight night vision biocular

NiCAM-7 is a lightweight biocular night vision goggle (NVG) for helmet-mounted or handheld operation.

The device is well suited for military and civilian applications including special forces, search and rescue, police, border security, target acquisition, counter drug operations, park rangers monitoring wildlife/illegal game hunters, VIP protection and for general situational awareness.

NiCAM-7 supports a wide range of 18mm Gen 2+ or higher performance tubes to suit all applications and budgets.

A custom designed optional bracket is available to attach Thermoteknix ClipIR thermal images clip-on to NiCAM-7 for fused thermal and night vision.

All NiCAM night vision goggles are compatible with Thermoteknix ClipIR products to deliver fused thermal and night vision. This increases situational awareness beyond the capability of NVGs alone to give the night warrior tactical advantage in all lighting conditions or complete darkness.


Custom designed quick-fit/release bracket available for attaching all models of ClipIR to upgrade to full fused imaging.


Weighting just 520g, NiCAM-7 is robust, waterproof and combat-proven.


NiCAM-7 operates for up to 60 hours on 2 x AA batteries.


AA Battery Powered


Full 40 field of view



Intensifier tube 18mm Gen 2+ or Gen 3 (subject to requirements)
FOV 40°
Magnification x1 (optional x3 and x5 lenses)
Batteries 2 x AA
Operating time 50 hours
Weight 520g

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