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CoVis covert video head-up display (HUD)

Displays video as a fused overlay directly into the night vision device

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Covert video head-up display (HUD)

CoVis enables any night vision goggle (NVG) as a head-up display (HUD).

CoVis takes an external power and video source and displays the video as a fused overlay directly into the user’s night vision.

CoVis integrates into ATAK (Android Team Awareness Kit) or other tactical awareness systems and delivers navigational, tactical and augmented reality (AR) data to the wearer without any loss of night vision capability. In addition, the data is viewed without any light spillage enabling continuous, covert use of CoVis throughout the mission.

Using Thermoteknix proprietary optical injection technology, CoVis provides the ability to display information over the full 40 degree field of view of the NVG, maximising the display area for the user. Users have control over the brightness of injected data allowing them to set this prior or during a mission.

The mechanical interface for CoVis is shared with the Thermoteknix ClipIR and ClipIR XD thermal imaging systems and can be interchanged based on mission requirements and tactical needs.

The mechanical interface is compatible with almost any existing NVGs and can be used on either monocular, bi-ocular or binocular devices.

The design of the interface allows rapid fitting or removal of the device.


Proprietary Thermoteknix optical system injects live or mission programmed situational information from Augmented Reality (AR) or Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) devices into NVGs to identify friendly force or target information without loss of situational awareness or third party detection.


CoVis is a covert, miniature video HUD which injects tactical data into Night Vision Goggles for mission or combat operations in all low light or no light situations.


Weighs less than 50g and takes power from helmet or body worn supply.


Full 40 field of view



Display Monochrome OLED
Frame rate 50/60hz
FOV 40˚
Power nominal 5V DC
Video type Composite interlaced analogue video
Weight <50g (excluding bracket)
Bracket Subject to night vision goggle

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