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ConnectIR-TAK connecting TiCAM to Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK)

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ConnectIR-TAK Android plugin unleashing the power of ATAK for mission critical communications

ConnectIR-TAK is a Thermoteknix Android application that enables mission data sharing between TiCAM 1000 cameras with ATAK-MIL and ATAK-CIV.

ATAK is a interactive geospatial tool that connects multiple people on the go, enabling joint-mission teams/agencies to securely communicate and share up-to-the-second situational awareness.

ConnectIR-TAK is indispensable for surveillance, homeland security, counter terror, search and rescue, military and police forces that rely on real time, online and offline shared intelligence and data.

ConnectIR-TAK enables the sharing of thermal images, visual images and essential geodata needed for planning and conducting successful operations.

Once ConnectIR-TAK is connected to the TiCAM, the camera operator can acquire targets and transfer them instantly to the Android platform and share the target with other users connected into the ATAK environment.


ConnectTAK enables sharing of thermal images, visual images and essential geodata needed for planning and conducting successful operations.


ConnectTAK enables real-time sharing of mission critical information between the tactical users and the operational commander.


Once a target is acquired it can be sent to ATAK via the cable where it is displayed along with any other operational data in the mapping system.

Operating system Android
Network connection (TAK) Cellular / WiFi / MANET radio
Camera versions TiCAM 1000B/TiCAM 1000C
Data interface to camera USB 2 (Cable)
Compatibility ATAK-MIL and ATAK-CIV Version 4.2.3
Send to TAK Integrated in TiCAM User Interface
Data provided User location, target location, target image

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