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Clip-on thermal fusion with AR head-up display for night vision devices delivering unrivalled night-time situational awareness

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Clip-on thermal fusion with AR head-up display for night vision devices delivering unrivalled night-time situational awareness

ClipIR XD series includes ClipIR XD-B and ClipIR XD-E.

ClipIR XD fused thermal and night vision is the new standard for night time operations. Enhancing operational capability in low light, no light and urban environments provides significant tactical advantage and enhanced situational awareness.

Built on a 640 x 480 LWIR Thermoteknix thermal imaging core, ClipIR XD provides a 40° Field of View (FOV) to deliver exceptional thermal image quality with ultra-low latency.

ClipIR XD utilise Thermoteknix patented Shutterless XTi technology for silent operation without any moving parts.
XTi technology provides the ClipIR XDs with 60Hz framerate at ultra-low latency which avoids user fatigue or motion effects, while never requiring the thermal camera
Non-Uniformity Correction (NUC) prior to or during use regardless of ambient temperature or operating time; a unique feature due to Shutterless XTi technology.

Quick start up and easy-to-use functionality

Start-up time to image is less than 1 second ensuring rapid deployment. All ClipIR XD functions are controlled using its unique, multifunction scroll wheel. Capable of operation when mounted on either side of the night vision goggle, and operated in all environments wearing gloves, the ClipIR XD is intuitive with minimum training burden.

Multiple thermal fusion modes are available for optimum mission profiles including: White Hot, Black Hot, Outline, Contour and Pulse modes.
ClipIR XD-B can be powered internally using one single AA battery to provide over 3 hours of use. External power can be provided by a helmet mounted battery pack to enable over 24 hours of continuous use. ClipIR XD-E can be powered using a helmet mounted battery pack.

ClipIR XD is compatible with Thermoteknix Augmented Reality Tactical Interface Module (ARTIM) acting as an intelligent battery pack mounted on the rear of the helmet. ARTIM integrates with existing digital soldier systems and secure communication networks to display real-time data sharing and instant situational awareness through the ClipIR XD for collaboration across teams and agencies.

ARTIM & ARTIM MINI key features include:

  • Augmented Reality Tactical Interface Module (ARTIM) is an intelligent battery pack for ClipIR XD thermal clip-on systems
  • ARTIM features a Thermoteknix proprietary Augmented Reality (AR) processor and embedded smart computer with GPS providing ultra low latency 60Hz update rate with zero lag
  • ARTIM mounts to the rear of the helmet and tracks the user location and direction of sight, delivering a real-time AR overlay to the user
  • Real-time routes, waypoints or team members displayed (blue force tracking)
  • Integrates with ATAK and other Battle Management Systems (BMS)
  • Flexible configuration options; with or without a network connection
  • Internal data storage enables operation with or without connection to End User Device (EUD)
  • Displays live BMS video feed from connected sensors, such as UAV or target location device either as Picture-in-Picture or full screen formats
  • Sends thermal video from ClipIR XD to BMS which can be shared with other operators across network


ClipIR XD provides a 40 degree Field of View for enhanced situational awareness, crucial in close combat situations and on patrol when situational awareness is essential.


ClipIR XD can be fitted on most in-service night vision devices and offers backward compatibility with the supplied mounting bracket.


The ClipIR XD 'quick view eyepiece' accessory enables the unit to be used on its own as a miniature handheld thermal imager.


640 x 480 resolution


AA Battery Powered


Digital Magnetic Compass


Full 40 field of view


Image Fusion



Model ClipIR XD-B ClipIR XD-E
Detector 640 x 480 LWIR 640 x 480 LWIR
FOV 40° 40°
Video input Yes Yes
Compass Internal DMC Internal DMC
Man detection 580m 580m
Power 1 xAA Battery or External Power External Power
Operating time >3 hours NA
Weight <150g (inc. battery) <130g

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