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Local engineering students from Cambridgeshire joined the Thermoteknix team for a month of work experience.

The students were introduced to the design and manufacturing processes used to deliver Thermoteknix's world-class thermal imaging products.

As part of their experience, students were challenged to build a small line-following robot.

The project encouraged students to explore mechanical, electronic and software engineering.

Students used computer software at Thermoteknix to design the robots and remote control to control the robot and move it in the desired direction.

The engineering exercise gave students insight into the design and manufacturing processes employed at Thermoteknix. The challenge also encouraged the students to interact with and discuss their ideas with various engineering teams and experts on site to help design and construct their robots.

At the end of the week, the students gave a successful demonstration and received a small computer each and £25.

Thermoteknix welcomed engineering students from Cambridge into its design and manufacturing facility and set them a challenge - to build a robot.

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