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It’s a full house! Thermoteknix wins 5th Royal Award

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Thermoteknix Systems Ltd. has been honoured with its fifth Royal Award, this time the distinguished King’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation, recognising its commercial success from ground breaking innovation in Augmented Reality.

Thermoteknix is a global innovator in thermal imaging, night vision and augmented reality systems around the world.

Thermoteknix has won this prestigious King’s Award for Innovation with its Augmented Reality head-up display system providing immersive situational awareness.

The system comprises of ClipIR, a miniature thermal imaging camera which provides thermal fusion, and ARTIM, an intelligent battery pack providing power and external data to ClipIR. ARTIM adds the capability of following routes, messaging, media or tracking the locations of team-mates which it presents to the user in Augmented Reality.

Commenting on winning Three Queen’s Awards and two King’s Awards for Enterprise, in consecutive years, founder and Managing Director of Thermoteknix, Dr. Richard Salisbury said: “Augmented Reality is becoming an ever present feature in all aspects of media experience. Overcoming the limits of technology to present realistic moving imagery while integrating information from a wide variety of sources is very challenging, but our achievement brings this to life. We are thrilled to have been rewarded with a full house of Royal Awards.”

“This Award recognises the huge endeavours, skills and determination of all of our employees and suppliers. This latest King’s Award provides affirmation of Thermoteknix’ innovation and our continued success at the forefront of engineering excellence,” added Operations Director, Max Salisbury.

Thermoteknix was awarded the inaugural King’s Award for Enterprise, International Trade, in 2023. Previously, the company has also been honoured with three Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in International Trade and in Innovation.

Founded in 1982, Thermoteknix has sustained continued growth from its Cambridge headquarters, manufacturing and supplying industrial and advanced thermal imaging, and fused imaging solutions to heavy industry and security markets. The company has close ties to the local community, with sourcing and manufacturing carried out in the UK.

The globally recognised King’s Award for Enterprise is the most prestigious award for UK businesses.

Celebrating the King's Award for Enterprise in Innovation 2024
Thermoteknix celebrates a fifth Royal award. Pictured front - from left - Bruce Cairnduff (Engineering Manager), Richard Salisbury (Managing Director and Company Founder), Anna Kwiecień (Purchasing Administrator), Hollie Walsh (Sales Co-Ordinator) and Louise Barton (Office Manager) celebrating their success in securing another Royal award with Thermoteknix staff outside their headquarters in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

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