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Thermoteknix advanced rotary kiln monitoring solutions take centre stage at India event for refractories and steel manufactures

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Thermoteknix brings to India technological solutions for the steel manufacturing sector that improve safety, productivity and reduce operating costs.

Thermoteknix is showcasing (see us at Stand 16) its advanced shell scanning systems at The International Conference on Refractories Jamshedpur (ICRJ) at The Wave International, 14-15 March.

Thermoteknix systems, designed and manufactured in the UK, enable kiln operators to closely monitor the condition of the kiln refractory.

Operators can accurately assess the kiln for wear and unexpected damage or degradation of the refractory that will put the kiln at risk of damage or emergency shut down.

Our advanced shell scanning systems enable the operator to continually optimise the refractory plan and process conditions to extend campaign length, energy consumption and operation safety while at the same time minimising operating cost.

Meanwhile, our state-of-the-art thermal camera systems enable operators to view real-time conditions inside the kiln. Live monitoring of the process ensures optimal fuel consumption, reduced emissions and improved product quality.

Learn more about our high temperature scanning and imaging products.

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