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Thermoteknix launches new products for defence & security at DSEI

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Thermoteknix launches new defence and security thermal imaging devices at DSEI 2019

Following months of development, Thermoteknix was delighted to showcase its latest products at the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) 2019 event.

The new products include the ClipIR XD-B and ClipIR XD-E clip-on thermal imagers, CoVis video injection unit and ConnectIR android image and data sharing app.

ClipIR XD-B and XD-E Thermal Imagers

Building on the success of the original ClipIR small clip-on thermal imager, Thermoteknix's ClipIR XD range provides a fusion upgrade by injecting a thermal image into conventional Night Vision Goggle (NVG) devices.

The new product boasts a 40 degree field of view (FOV) but has extended range performance and can be supplied without an internal battery. This allows ClipIR XDs to take power from integrated helmet systems, reducing overall weight and improving helmet balance.

ClipIR XDs also have the option for video input, allowing users to view video overlays (such as symbology, etc.) directly through Night Vision devices.

New to Thermoteknix, the ClipIR® XD-B and ClipIR® XD-E clip-on thermal imagers.

CoVid Video Injection Unit

CoVis from Thermoteknix is a video injection unit which enables use of heads-up display (HUD) for combat operations in complete darkness.

CoVis is powered by its host system and weighs less than 50g when attached to a NVG. It incorporates a quick-fit mount allowing the unit to be attached to a variety of NVGs, without tools. Incorporating unique optical injection technology. CoVis also enables users to view head-up devise (HUD) data covertly at night.

Thermoteknix was demonstrating CoVis with the cooperation of Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA) who employ CoVis with their ARC4 Augmented Reality (AR) RECON product (www.ara.com/ARC4).

ARC4 RECON increases situational awareness of the dismounted soldier by inserting video data and symbols into the user’s night vision. ARA are the first customer to integrate CoVis into their AR system enabling covert use of the AR during night operations.

Android Image and Data Sharing App

ConnectIR is an Android application that networks images and data between TiCAM® 1000 cameras (TiCAM® 1000A, 1000B and 1000C) and other devices including phones, tablets and computers.

ConnectIR is indispensable for Surveillance, Homeland Security, Counter Terror, Military and Police forces, providing near real-time sharing of thermal and visible images with Operator and target location data using commercial or military networks. The application is available in a Standard or Professional version.

Thermoteknix products are not subject to US ITAR control but may require UK export licence depending on the end-user country and specification.

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