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Thermoteknix advanced rotary kiln monitoring solutions take centre stage at Cemtech Asia 2024

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Thermoteknix is exhibiting at Cemtech Asia 2024, Stand 15, at the Shangri-la Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia

The team has been welcoming industry colleagues to the stand and sharing the latest advancements in thermal imaging and temperature measurement software for high temperature processing environments.

Watch our latest video showcasing MultiView Enterprise, a new software platform from Thermoteknix, specially designed for the Cement industry that simultaneously monitors all sensors across the burner and cooler environment to significantly reduce emissions and improve productivity.

Our systems are designed to support plant operators in managing processes and performance during the use of alternative fuels.

Learn more about our high temperature scanning and imaging products.

If you would like to speak to one of our representatives or see a demonstration of our scanner and cameras, then please email sales@thermoteknix.com

Cemtech Asia 2024 - Thermoteknix

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