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Another ClipIR XD consignment on its way to UK troops

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Thermoteknix has delivered yet another consignment of Thermoteknix ClipIR XD Thermal Clip-on Systems with augmented reality (AR) capability to UK troops on the front line.

ClipIR XD range of innovative miniature infrared thermal imagers deliver fused thermal (IR) and intensified imaging when fitted to almost any existing monocular, biocular or binocular night vision devices.

Fusion systems combine unparalleled detection capabilities of thermal imaging with the superior identification abilities of image intensification to equip the user with enhanced situational awareness, particularly in low/no light environments.

The real-time thermal image is injected into the objective lens of the night vision device to deliver fusion or separate display of both sensors.

The fused combination of thermal and night vision provides superior tactical advantages compared to standard night vision or thermal imaging alone, adding the capability of detection of a man target at distances up to 580m.

ClipIR XD has the ability to receive external video with data feeds provided by Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK), or other similar battle management systems, to deliver the user real-time navigational, tactical and augmented reality (AR) data for enhanced situational awareness and live battlefield information. Compatible with both ATAK-CIV and ATAK-MIL.

Thermoteknix Clip-on Thermal Systems with augmented reality capability

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