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Thermoteknix proudly supporting & supplying India's cement industry

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Thermoteknix is second to none in the design and manufacture of imaging systems for high temperature process environments including Cement production.

Thermoteknix specialises in kiln shell scanners, burner and cooler cameras, and data trending software.

We have been successfully operating for than 40 years. We work with more than 1,000 customers across the Cement industry and our products can be found in no less that 70 countries around the world.

India is a key market for Thermoteknix, and we are proud to be working with local partner SB Engineers to deliver business-critical solutions for kiln and cooler monitoring, and improved process control and monitoring.

Kiln Shell Scanners and Cameras

NEW! MultiView Enterprise - Complete control in one simple interface saving time and money

Themoteknix MultiView Enterprise

MultiView Enterprise is a software platform that combines and compares data from multiple temperature sensors over the rotary kiln and cooler.

MultiView Enterprise accepts process data from multiple sensors and measuring systems, displaying the results with unmatched clarity and ease of operation, unlike the screen clutter and complexities found in competitive systems.

High-definition video from critical stages in the process can be easily viewed, replayed and recorded on a common timeline linking kiln shell scanners, pyrometers, kiln and cooler cameras alike.

Operators can easily view, and switch between sensors, view live and historical data separately or in sync between the kiln shell, burning zone and cooler.

MultiView Enterprise and Thermoteknix solutions are helping plants around the globe to maximise production and product quality. Our systems are assisting industry to meet increasing demands from environmental regulation and the challenges of incorporating variable and alternative fuels.

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Thermoteknix prides itself on its local in-country partnerships. In India, Thermoteknix works closely with SB Engineers to deliver quality in product and service that is second to none.

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