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Eurosatory 2024

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Eurosatory 2024 - June 17 - 21, 2024

Thermoteknix will be exhibiting in the UK Pavilion - Booth C386 - at Eurosatory 2024 in Paris, France

The Thermoteknix team will be demonstrating the new FNVG-AR, a state-of-the art, lightweight, fused binocular night vision goggle (NVG) integrated with the latest generation 16mm white phosphor night vision tubes and high resolution thermal imager with optical sensor fusion.

FNVG-AR is the only ITAR-free fused binocular night vision goggle available today and delivers outstanding performance, fusing night vision and thermal capabilities, for soldiers to observe and manoeuvre in all weather conditions, during limited visibility, and under all light conditions for rapid threat detection and target engagement.

Users can alternative between combinations of night vision, thermal and AR, while showing various user-selectable levels of AR information to ensure their optimal tactical advantage in the battlefield whether on patrol, reconnaissance or kinetic operations.

FNVG-AR connects seamlessly to Battle Management Systems (BMS) including ATAK to display real-time information. This includes live blue force tracking, markers, navigation routes, waypoints or Jumpmaster information in intuitive 360 degree AR. Furthermore, FNVG-AR can display real-time video streaming from the BMS, including live video feeds from any integrated ISR or targeting asset.

Thermoteknix AR software enables users to overlay iconography, GPS and navigation data into the head-up display, delivering the most advanced situational awareness available today. The integration of AR and video streaming gives soldiers real-time and actionable intelligence. Without distraction or lag, FNVG ensures eyes are always on target, without the need to expose an illuminated End User Device (EUD) with consequent loss of focus and risk of detection.

To arrange a demonstration, email sales@thermoteknix.com.

Fused Thermal Night Vision Binocular with Augmented Reality

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