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Close Combat 2022 - July 5 - 8, 2022

Thermoteknix will be exhibiting at Close Combat 2022 at the Defence Academy of the UK in Shrivenham, 5-7 July 2022.

The event will explore:

  • Future equipment and technologies deliverable in the 5-10 year timeframe
  • 24 hour digital lethality' that provides an all day and weather capability
  • Developing a roadmap to the 24/7 future force

Thermal imaging and night vision solutions from Thermoteknix that help advance future soldier programmes will be demonstrated at the event.

Thermoteknix' new Augmented Reality Tactical Interface Module (ARTIM) will be a huge attraction, given British troops are already using the groundbreaking technology in the field.

ARTIM delivers heads-up situational awareness to the equipped user during outdoor on-the-move operations.

ARTIM mounts to the back of the helmet to track where the user is located and where they are looking, receiving/publishing networked PLI (Position Location Information) data, and rendering an augmented reality overlay to the user.

Data is displayed by the Thermoteknix ClipIR XD – a thermal imaging clip-on device mounting on an NVG, providing not only augmented reality data but also thermal imaging fusion. The system provides heads-up navigation and tracking of friendlies, using GPS and digital terrain elevation data (DTED) to deliver accurate visualisation of geo-spatial information.

See: Thermal imaging specialist Thermoteknix has been awarded a contract to supply the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) with its ClipIR XD-E Thermal Clip-on systems (TCOS).

Augmented Reality Tactical Interface Module (ARTIM)
Thermoteknix Clip-on Thermal System with Augmented Reality Tactical Interface Module (ARTIM).
Augmented Reality Tactical Interface Module (ARTIM)
Thermoteknix' new Augmented Reality Tactical Interface Module (ARTIM) is already in the hands of British troops on the front line.

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