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Maintaining instruments is critical to the efficient working of the modern company and a requirement of most Quality Management Systems*. Thermoteknix offer a Service and Calibration package to maintain the cameras accuracy and reliability.  The VisIR 640 and Ti200 are advised to be calibrated and serviced every 12 months.

*Clause 7.6 (Control of monitoring and measuring equipment) of BS EN ISO ISO9001:2008 Quality Management Systems – Requirements; calls for the control of monitoring and measurement equipment. It requires the organisation to determine the requirements for monitoring and measurement and to ensure that those requirements are met by ensuring that all such equipment is uniquely identifiable and correctly calibrated.

VisIR 640 and 320 cameras have recently ceased production.

VisIR cameras that are in working condition can be returned for calibration and issue of a new calibration certificate. Calibration includes temperature blackbody calibration and certification against traceable international standards.

VisIR Ti200 and Ti100 cameras that are no longer working can be returned for an inspection and issue a report of the work required to bring them back up to full working order with full pricing. No further work with be carried our without your prior authorisation. Alternatively we will inform you if they are not economically repairable.

Spares for VisIR 640 cameras

1. Spare Li-Ion Battery GX 04 0037
2. Li-ion Battery Charger for 1 battery (110 – 240 Vac) QV 02 0018
3. High temperature calibration to 1,500°C, including external filter* OV 73 0133
4. High temperature calibration to 2,000°C, including external filter* QV 04 0116

visir thermal imager service brochureDownload the VisIR Service, Calibration and Spares Document

Press here to directly contact our service department. Please provide full details of your camera including serial no and any faults. Please also confirm your full contact information.