Thermoteknix temperature screening technology becomes American Bank’s newest front-line defence in coronavirus (COVID-19) fight

February 2, 2021

In an effort to protect customers and employees from contracting coronavirus, American Bank, after a lengthy search, installed Thermoteknix FevIR Scan 2 elevated skin temperature screening systems in May 2020 at its headquarters located in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Thermoteknix is a global technology leader in thermal imaging and night vision systems. All products are designed and manufactured in its Cambridge facility.

FevIR Scan 2 is a highly accurate skin temperature measurement system used for rapid triage screening of individuals in high pedestrian areas and is being used in locations around the world including airports, corporations, work spaces, schools, transportation, food manufacturing and processing plants, factories, schools and public venues.

FevIR Scan 2 includes Thermoteknix’s new mask detection technology that identifies individuals wearing a face covering and distinguishes those not wearing a mask, or not wearing a mask correctly.

American Bank is committed to maintaining its operations, while keeping the health and safety of its teams and customers at the forefront and is using Thermoteknix’s FevIR Scan 2 to screen anyone entering the building quickly and easily.

The system combines thermal and visual imaging cameras in conjunction with a blackbody temperature calibration unit. On-screen and audible alerts, in addition to visible temperature tracking, identifies individuals who may have an elevated temperature. Upon notification of an elevated temperature, American Bank team members would address the customer’s needs in order to avoid further exposure to customers or staff.

FevIR Scan 2 has been specially engineered and developed in the UK by Cambridge-based thermal imaging experts Thermoteknix to help fight the spread of coronavirus and help businesses and industries around the world to stay open safely during the pandemic. It has been designed to meet the FDA enforcement policy for telethermographic systems.

Unlike thermal imaging cameras adapted from other existing industrial applications, Thermoteknix has invested in a decade’s worth of research and development.

“Our team has been able to draw from infrared experience gained over many years. Using this expertise and applying the latest advancements in thermal imaging, we have been able to develop a state-of-the-art solution to help businesses protect staff and customers,” explained Dr. Richard Salisbury, Managing Director at Thermoteknix.

Commenting on the effectiveness of FevIR Scan 2, American Bank President and CEO Mark Jaindl said: “The health and safety of our team members and customers is not something we will ever take lightly. We knew that we must implement safety protocols that would ensure everyone’s well-being and the technology provided by Thermoteknix allows us to do just that.”

American Bank’s Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer Robert Turner added: “Thermoteknix is known as a leader in infrared imaging around the world and they were able to quickly provide us a turnkey solution that met our exact needs. The system continually calibrates itself to ensure consistent and accurate readings, giving us the confidence to safely open our headquarters to customers.”

FevIR Scan 2 is simple to use and is operated by trained team members at American Bank.

Thermoteknix has already dispatched over 2,000 systems around the world in response to the COVID pandemic.

Learn more about FevIR Scan 2.

VIDEO: Watch Thermoteknix’s FevIR Scan 2 elevated temperature screening in action. 

American Bank has installed Thermoteknix’s FevIR Scan 2 elevated temperature screening in response to COVID-19 and a commitment to keeping customers and staff safe.