Thermoteknix for alternative fuels control

February 20, 2019

Today and tomorrow we are exhibiting at the 13th Global CemFuels Conference & Exhibition in Amsterdam.

The organizers described the event as the occasion to “showcase the best alternative fuels projects and equipment from the cement industry in Europe and from around the world. Fuel mix optimisation and combustion and pyro-process optimisation will be examined in depth.”

Thermoteknix ThermaScope HD High-Definition Kiln Cameras and Centurion/WinCem Kiln Shell Scanning Systems – which you can see on display at the show – help the plants using the alternative fuels to control the production process.

Please talk to our colleague on stand 3 about the details.

You can read more about our systems for the cement applications here.

Global Cemfuels 2019 Thermoteknix