Quality Policy

Richard Salisbury MBBS MRCP, Managing Director 21st September 2012

Richard Salisbury MBBS MRCP, Managing Director

The directors, management and staff at Thermoteknix Systems Ltd are committed to product quality and customer satisfaction. The company employs a quality management system to achieve these aims and to ensure that it retains its position as a leader in infrared technology products, and provides products and services which fully satisfy customer requirements.

The quality management system mandates the use of processes and quality policy which have been designed to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard for such systems. These processes are subject to regular review and audit, both internally and by an external agency. Management defines the processes, sets objectives and provides the training, tools and resources required to make the processes effective. Staff throughout the organisation are responsible and accountable for adherence to quality processes, their outcomes and the achievement of objectives.

The company uses process measurement to ensure the effectiveness of the system and uses the results, together with feedback from customers and staff, to drive process improvements. The measurements relate to agreed service levels in the key areas of the business, viz: Management, Quality, Engineering, Production and Procurement, Sales and Logistics.

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