CoVis Covert Video Head-Up Display (HUD)

Why CoVis?

CoVis is a covert, miniature video Head-Up Display (HUD) which injects tactical data into Night Vision Goggles for mission or combat operations in all low light or no light situations.

CoVis’s proprietary Thermoteknix optical system injects live or mission programmed situational information from Augmented Reality (AR) or Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) devices into NVGs to identify friendly force or target information without loss of situational awareness or third party detection.

Compatible with binocular/mono NVGs, CoVis weighs less than 50g and takes power from helmet or body worn supply.

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  • Covert Video Display
  • External power
  • Video input
  • Less than 50g
  • Minimal helmet burden