ConnectIR Android Application for Target Location Systems

Why ConnectIR?

ConnectIR is a Thermoteknix Android application that networks images and data between TiCAM 1000 cameras and other devices including phones, tablets and computers.

ConnectIR is indispensable for Surveillance, Homeland Security, Counter Terror, Military and Police forces, providing near real-time sharing of thermal and visible images with Operator and target location data using commercial or military networks.

The Thermoteknix ConnectIR app can communicate via Wi-Fi, Cellular or Bluetooth networks including MANET battlefield data radios.

ConnectIR Standard provides a single image and data sharing capability whereas ConnectIR Professional users can connect multiple cameras to a secure cloud-based server where an unlimited number of authorised users can view the data.

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Products benefits

  • Gains full benefit from TiCAM Connectivity
  • Allows team collaboration and exploitation of data
  • Actionable intelligence