ClipIR XD Clip on Thermal Imager

Why ClipIR XD ?

ClipIR XD is a clip on thermal imager with extended range performance as well as built-in Digital Magnetic Compass (DMC) and external video input.

DMC provides azimuth and elevation displayed via the Night Vision Goggle. External video input provides mission critical information from Augmented Reality (AR) or other sources.

Two models are available: ClipIR XD-B, a self-contained unit powered by 1x integral AA battery or external helmet power and ClipIR XD-E, a sub-compact battery-less device powered only by external source, e.g. helmet power system.

ClipIR is not for sale or use in USA

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  • Extended Distance
  • Lightweight
  • External Video Input / Power input
  • Integrated Compass
  • Backward compatibility with existing mounts