MIRICLE Thermal Imaging Modules


MIRICLE Thermal Imaging Modules

MIRICLE Cameras, cores and engines are a range of uncooled long-wave thermal imagers suitable for a wide variety of applications. MIRICLE Cameras operate in TEC-less mode, so use less power, have a wider operating temperature range and faster time to image.

MIRICLE Thermal Imaging Modules are available either as self-contained camera units or as OEM cores for integration into end-user products. With low weight and low power consumption MIRICLE is ideal for applications such as UAV, man-portable surveillance, driver aids and enhanced vision systems for aircraft. There is also a range of PC software options for configuration and control of MIRICLE.

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Thermal Imaging Camera Core

  • Composite video
  • USB or LVDS digital interfaces
  • 8-bit palletised or full-span 14-bit format
  • A range of PC software options for configuration and control of MIRICLE
  • 110K - 384x288 detector resolution: 110,592 pixels, with 35µm or 25µm pitch
  • 307K - 640x480 detector resolution: 307,200 pixels and 25µm pitch
  • Unpackaged Core Electronics and detector available for complete OEM integration
  • Sealed, ruggedised, waterproof (IP67) housed, ready to use options
  • Thermoteknix patented XTi Shutterless Technology® Options
  • Wide range of Manual and Motorised waterproof and athermalised lenses available
  • Custom Packages
  • Thermal Imaging Montage

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  • Infrared Thermal Imaging Footage of Town Scene at Night

    Infrared Thermal Imaging Film taken with Thermoteknix MIRICLE 110K Miniature Thermal Imaging Camera showing town at night in darkness with moving traffic and buildings – thermoteknix.com

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MIRICLE Software

“MIRICLE Developer” documentation, software and support package provides detailed information on connectivity and serial link command messages. Software SDK options are available for rapid prototyping of the USB video interface.