MicroCAM 2 Low Power Thermal Imaging Cores

Why MicroCAM 2?

MicroCAM 2 Low Power Thermal Imaging Cores

Ultra Low Power Consumption
The MicroCAM™ 2 range is available in 384×288 25μm, 384×288 17μm and 640×480 17μm versions with the lowest power consumption in their class. The use of unstabilised, TEC-less technology means that MicroCAM 2 delivers an exceptional image over the entire operating range without impacting on power consumption.

MicroCAM 2 is ideal for portable and power critical/battery powered applications for more compact and lightweight products.

Ultra Lightweight
Compact electronics and detector packaging dramatically reduces MicroCAM’s footprint and weight. At just 43g / 1.52oz (excluding lens), MicroCAM 2 is the lightest uncooled thermal imaging core currently available in serial production.

Low cost
With less component parts and no mechanical shutter assembly the MicroCAM 2 was specifically designed for large scale production. Volume prices for MicroCAM 2 open up new markets for thermal imaging devices.

Shutterless Operation
The MicroCAM 2 Low Power Thermal Imaging Cores employ the field-proven Thermoteknix XTi Shutterless Technology® which does away with electro-mechanical shutter assemblies. The resulting solid-state camera is more rugged and reliable than conventional devices and is completely silent in operation.

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microcam 2 thermal imager

  • MicroCAM 2 is the miniature thermal imager designed for very low-powered cost-sensitive OEM applications. An excellent night vision capability in a package that can easily be integrated into your product or application.
  • 384x288 25µm pitch
  • 384x288 17μm pitch
  • 640x480 17µm pitch
  • High Shock Resistance
  • Boresight Adjustable Reticules
  • Digital Output for OEM Integration
  • Optional GiGE digital interface
  • -40°C to plus 70°C Operating Temperature Range Option
  • Micro Power Consumption (<0.6W)
  • Micro Weight (43g / 1.52oz)
  • Micro Size (42.5 x 50 x 25.3mm / 1.67 x 1.97 x 0.99 inch)
  • Shutterless (XTi Never Blind Technology)
  • No Moving Parts
  • Silent Operation
  • MicroCAM™ 2 represents high resolution and thermal sensitivity in a miniature lightweight low power package from Thermoteknix Systems Ltd.
  • Digital GiGE Thermal Imaging - live Panoramic 360 degree surveillance

    MicroCAM 2 – high performance low power thermal imaging modules with optional GiGE digital interface creating a full 360 degree panoramic surveillance setup

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  • Thermal Imager Sees Through Thick Smoke in Dartford Tunnel

    Thermoteknix MicroCAM 2 Thermal Imager used in important Fire Testing Exercise in Dartford Tunnel

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  • MicroCAM 640 Thermal Imaging Video Clip

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