MicroCAM Integrator

Example: VisIR 640 High Definition Handheld Infrared Cameras - Heavy Duty, Lightweight

Why MicroCAM Integrator?

OEM Thermal Camera Kit

The MicroCAM 3 Thermal Camera Kit is based on a MicroCAM 3 core along with a smart application board and OLED display ready for integration into your housing for virtually any OEM thermal imaging project or application.

Thermoteknix provide a range of application specific hardware and software solutions for OEMs and integrators.

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Product benefits

  • Detector 384 x 288 17µm LW or 640 x 480 17µm LW Amorphous Silicon
  • Sensitivity (f/1.0 no lens) <50mK or <40mK (optional)
  • Power consumption <0.55W / <0.75W
  • Operating temperature -40°C to +70°C
  • Weight <60g