MicroCAM 3 Low Power Thermal Imaging Cores

Why MicroCAM 3?

The new generation MicroCAM 3 thermal imaging core has higher performance, a faster frame rate, lower power, in a smaller package. Weighing just 30g, MicroCAM 3 draws <0.5W of power and is available in both 384×288 17µ and 640×480 17µ formats.

MicroCAM 3 thermal imaging core features Thermoteknix patented shutterless XTi Technology® so viewing is never interrupted.  This also does away with moving parts making MicroCAM 3 ultra-reliable, silent and super power-efficient.

In a cylindrical package, the module is ready to integrate into third party OEM technology – from aerospace/defence, police and security/border patrol, search & rescue to hunting, wildlife monitoring, scientific and R&D devices.

The option of a fully waterproofed, sealed housed MicroCAM 3 (MicroCAM irGO) is also available for users looking for a complete solution.


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MicroCAM 3 Thermal Imaging Core

  • Ultra light
  • Miniature
  • Super power-efficient
  • Completely silent
  • Available in 384x288 17µ and 640x480 17µ formats
  • Cylindrical package for a variety of applications
  • With patented shutterless XTi Technology®
  • MicroCAM 3 - C-More Digital Image Enhancement

    MicroCAM 3 Thermal Imaging Core with C-More Digital Image Enhancement

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  • MicroCAM 3 Core in Thermoteknix TiCAM Thermal Imaging Monoculars

    Thermoteknix TiCAM thermal imaging monoculars with MicroCAM 3 core now feature C-More digital image enhancement for optimum image clarity at all times.

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