MicroCAM 1024HD Thermal Imager Technology Demonstrator

Why MicroCAM HD?

MicroCAM 1024HD Thermal Imager

This camera is a Technology Demonstrator only and is not available for purchase

MicroCAM 1024HD uses the very latest 1024×768 17um uncooled LWIR sensor technology for stunning high definition images. Conventional TV resolution 640×480 devices traditionally used analogue video standards such as NTSC or PAL to transfer images to the display device. With the advent of high definition sensors, digital interfaces are now expected to provide substantially higher quality display capabilities. MicroCAM 1024HD uses GigE Vision to transfer raw sensor data to the host computer where image and graphic processing takes place. This ensures no loss of fidelity between sensor and display/recording system. Thermoteknix provide software to allow manipulation and recording of the HD thermal imagery onto your PC.

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MicroCAM HD High Definition Thermal Image

  • 1024x768 17µm Amorphous Silicon microbolometer
  • <60mK Sensitivity
  • Frame Rate 30fps
  • Response Time <10mSec
  • TEC-less operation Sensor Stabilisation
  • Mechanical shutter (auto/manual) or XTi Shutterless
  • Digital Dynamic Range 14 bit analogue to digital convertor
  • Scene dynamic range 150∞ degrees Celsius
  • GigE Vision digital video (Raw)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 onwards
  • Black hot White hot / Manual gain control
  • AVI movie recording
  • Windows Bitmaps Static Recording