OEM Thermal Imaging

MicroCAM 2 Low Power, Miniature Thermal Imaging Cores

MicroCAM irGO Thermal Imaging Camera

MicroCAM 3 Low Power Thermal Imaging Cores

FevIR Scan Fever Screening System

MicroCAM Integrator

The Thermoteknix range of long-wave thermal imaging cores for a wide variety of applications and are available with a choice of array sizes, pixel pitch and lens options. They can be delivered as self-contained camera units or as OEM cores for integration into end-user products.

Thermoteknix’ OEM thermal imaging modules include the MIRICLE range, ultra low-power MicroCAM 2 and MicroCAM 3 cores with Thermoteknix patented shutterless XTi Technology, MicroCAM irGO thermal imaging cameras, FevIR Scan fever screening system and MicroCAM HD high definition thermal imaging cameras.