ThermaScope HDT Temperature Kiln Cameras

Why ThermaScope HDT?

ThermaScope HDT Temperature Kiln Cameras provide high quality imagery from inside the kiln or cooler. Based on Thermoteknix’ proprietary miniature infrared camera module with high resolution progressive scan technology, it provides real time radiometric imaging with accurate temperature measurement.

The new ThermaScope HD kiln and cooler cameras will improve operational efficiency and combustion control while enabling safe compliance with pollution minimising protocols.

ThermaScope HD kiln cameras work in conjunction with ThermaScope HD Multi-View real time software.

ThermaScope aids in detecting snowmen, red rivers and other anomalies and make routine plant maintenance and shutdowns more predictable and less disruptive to the process.  ThermaScope HD cameras are built to withstand the harsh environment of the cement kiln and provide high quality, reliable and accurate data from inside the kiln. Requiring minimal maintenance, they relay valuable information from the heart of the clinker-making process, allowing plant engineers to make informed decisions about their operation.

Requiring just 200 litres/7scf of instrument quality air per minute ThermaScope HD uses a fraction of air consumption of competitors’ kiln cameras. This is typically an $8,000/year saving and up to $40,000 savings in just 5 years.

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  • Thermoteknix High Definition 1280x960 CCD infrared camera micro-module
  • High speed 60 frames per second progressive scan HD imaging
  • 20 bit wide dynamic range covering flame, clinker and internal walls
  • Solid-state micro-electronics with multiple inbuilt sensors
  • All digital imaging and signal transmission up to 2 km
  • 40mm small diameter tube containing direct view camera
  • Super efficient combined air cooling and window air purge
  • Choice of direct and side viewing heads
  • Fail-safe operation
  • ThermaScope HD Multi-View: Coating Ring Collapse in a Cement Kiln

    This video comes from a commissioning of a ThermaScope HDT (Kiln Camera) and ThermaScope HDC (Cooler Camera)

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  • Stunning Footage: ThermaScope HD Multi-View Real Time Software

    Multi-View System for ThermaScope HD Kiln and Cooler Cameras

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