MultiView Enterprise

Why MultiView Enterprise?

MultiView Enterprise is a new generation of its industry leading MultiView data platform designed to facilitate maximum kiln performance, efficiency and safety.

An industry first in real-time data infrastructure combines with a single, intuitive common user interface to provide seamless display and operation of multiple temperature sensors over the rotary kiln and cooler. A unified user control, accessing live and historical data, aligns to maximise production and product quality while meeting increasing demands from environmental regulation and the challenges of incorporating variable and alternative fuels.

MultiView Enterprise delivers state of the art Centurion kiln shell temperature scanning, ThermaScope HD thermal in-kiln video imaging, measurement and alarms in a single integrated data system, with pyrometers and tyre slip systems.

Existing Centurion WinCem and ThermaScope HD systems can be upgraded to take advantage of the new MultiView Enterprise platform and revitalise existing systems to deliver a new generation of capabilities today.

MultiView Enterprise users can obtain extended support through tailored service programs including hardware calibration, maintenance and more.

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  • Integrated kiln monitoring tool
  • Single, intuitive user interface
  • Integrated data system
  • Unified user control
  • Possibility to upgrade from Centurion WinCem and ThermaScope HD systems