ConveyIR Scan Industrial Process Monitoring System

Why ConveyIR Scan?

ConveyIR Scan is a high resolution real time temperature scanning and monitoring system for moving product and process line materials. Process changes and variation in materials can result in lack of uniform product temperature at critical points in the production cycle which affect quality and potentially cause damage to conveyors and receiver vessels. These can include direct damage to the conveyor as well as fire and safety hazards.

The ConveyIR Scan Process Monitoring System consists of a Thermoteknix compact infrared line scanner, digital electronics, fibre optic connection and PC with application specific ConveyIR Scan software to monitor, alarm and record continuous temperatures of moving products. Non-uniformity of temperature occurring instantaneously or progressively over time can be monitored and alarms triggered to enable process changes to be made to optimise manufacturing quality and minimise energy costs and waste.

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  • High resolution real time temperature scanning and monitoring
  • Non-contact thermography technology
  • Compact system
  • With the expert RETAP™ alarm system
  • More than 10,240 individual spot measurements per second
  • With historical recall, trending and analysis to improve consistent quality and control
  • Possible interface to host control systems and third party Information Management Systems
  • Seamless integration with rotary kiln shell scanning systems including Thermoteknix’ WinCem Graphic 8