Thermoteknix in the fast lane for the Indianapolis 500

In 2005, Thermoteknix became technology partners and official sponsors of the prestigious Cheever Racing IndyCar Series team alongside Cisco Systems. Cheever Racing have installed state-of-the-art Thermoteknix infrared cameras on their race cars to monitor tyre temperature performance which will gain vital seconds over the competition.

The cameras and technology, developed by Thermoteknix, and also being used in Formula 1, employs highly ruggedised miniature infrared cameras relaying data wirelessly to the pit crew who use the information to make adjustments to optimise race car performance. By remotely monitoring the tyre temperatures and heat distribution which vary dramatically around the circuit, Cheever can adjust the car set up to optimize performance, tyre wear and plan race strategy. Thermoteknix MIRIC infrared camerasare manufactured to withstand the incredible stresses and strains encountered in this extreme application and have evolved directly from their cameras developed for space applications.

Indycar Racing Car

Cheever Racing is owned by one of the most recognized names and faces in motorsports, Eddie Cheever Jr. who has won races all over the world in virtually all sectors of motor racing; competing against some of the greatest names in motorsports – Senna, Andretti, Earnhardt, Prost, Foyt and Unser. In the process, he has honed a unique and dynamic approach to all facets of racing. This year, Thermoteknix has joined Honda, Cisco Systems, Firestone and Momo to engineer success with Cheever Racing.

As the Indy Racing League IndyCar Series embarks on its eleventh year of operation, Cheever Racing stands as one of only two original IRL teams competing in the series. With a mission to become a leader in American motorsports, Cheever Racing has won five IndyCar Series races, four pole positions and the coveted 1998 Indianapolis 500. The team twice finished third in the 1997 and 2000 IRL IndyCar Series championships and has won two Indy 500 rookie-of-the-Year titles. The racing season climaxes in the Indy 500 on Sunday May 28, the largest sporting event on earth, attracting 250,000 spectators to the event and the cars average around 220 miles per hour around the circuit.