Thermoteknix camera shows the dark side of wildlife…

Nature Camera Action! In the Dark section with a display of Thermoteknix Miricle thermal imaging cameraA thermal imaging camera from Thermoteknix will be on display from 18 July at Nature, Camera, Action! The secrets of making incredible wildlife films exhibition in Bristol to help visitors understand how wildlife film crews can capture videos of animals in complete darkness.

The MIRICLE 307K camera is being used to make a series of wildlife films commissioned by National Geographic Wild (HD) and filmed by Ammonite Films, an independent film production company.

The first production created by Thermoteknix and Ammonite co-operation was ‘Night of the Lion’ – based on never before seen footage of lions hunting in complete darkness in Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. The film was broadcast on Nat Geo Wild TV in 2009. The Nightstalkers series followed with Crocodile Wars, Hyena Gangs, and Leopard Battleground films.

Nature Camera Action! In the Dark display case with Thermoteknix Miricle thermal imaging cameras‘Thermal imagers are different to digital cameras: they don’t require external light so they can produce very clear and sharp image both during the day and at night. Miricle 307K is a miniature, high resolution camera producing a very detailed imagery essential for shooting fast-moving wildlife footage.’ – said Dr Richard Salisbury, Thermoteknix Managing Director.

Nature, Camera, Action! The secrets of making incredible wildlife films
takes place between 18 July – 1 November 2015 at M Shed, Bristol. It is toured and organized by National Media Museum, Bradford where it first launched in 2014.


*Images: courtesy of National Media Museum, Bradford