Thermoteknix Announce Outstanding Success with their Miniature Infrared Camera in Aegis Missile Defense Test…including spectacular movie footage from the rocket launch

Intercept Aegis Missile Defense Test with MIRIC® TB2-30Thermoteknix’ MIRIC® TB2-30 is a unique miniature, very high performance rugged, radiometric infrared camera calibrated for temperature measurement in the most extreme environments. The range includes the MIRIC® radiometric hermetically sealed cameras which are shock, dust and water resistant and tested for use in vacuum and zero gravity and the MIRICLE® 110K high resolution imaging cameras. The MIRIC® TB2-30 camera was selected for use on the target missile in the November 2005’s Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) intercept test.

Aegis Missile Defense Test with MIRIC® TB2-30

Real-time thermal imagery provided ground crew with continuous high performance imagery from launch to intercept. Thermoteknix worked closely with a team from Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), in Laurel, Md., to develop a multi-purpose sensor payload that was integrated with the target missile to collect infrared and video imagery of the target’s boost and post-boost phases of flight; video coverage of the target’s reentry vehicle separation event; and spectral, radiometric and video coverage of the intercept by a Standard Missile-3 (SM-3).
“This provided scientists with the closest and clearest view of the intercept,” said the project manager for Aegis BMD Test and Evaluation. “It will also enable scientists to better understand the phenomenon of postburnout motor debris associated with solid-fueled boosters.”
Thermoteknix’ MIRIC® infrared camera was installed in the aft-looking cluster to collectdata on the booster’s post-burnout debris efflux. “We’re very excited to provide the Aegis BMD community with this unique capability. Data collected during this flight test will add to the understanding of the intercept, as well as post-burnout solid rocket motor debris phenomena.”

Additional flights using Thermoteknix MIRIC® infrared cameras are planned for 2006.