FevIR Scan 2 temperature screening technology and face mask detection helping in fight against coronavirus (CoVID-19)

January 22, 2021

Thermoteknix’s FevIR Scan 2 elevated temperature screening system, including face mask detection technology, is helping businesses around the world adapt operations and safety protocols to changing mandates on screening.

FevIR Scan 2 offers rapid triage screening of individuals in high pedestrian areas. The system has been adopted by airports, corporate lobbies, schools, train and bus stations, food manufacturing and processing plants, factories, and public venues around the world.

The face mask detection technology identifies individuals wearing a face covering and distinguishes those not wearing a mask, or not wearing a mask correctly at temperature screening stations under varying levels of ambient lighting. Conventional temperature screening systems do not include mask detection and depend on high illumination of the subject for effective operation.

Thermoteknix has been pioneering thermal imaging technology for more than 30 years and first introduced elevated skin temperature screening systems in response to SARS in 2003.