IEEE East Coast 2020 Cement Industry Technical Conference

Thermoteknix is delighted to support and sponsor IEEE East Coast 2020 Cement Industry Technical Conference.

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Hear about MultiView Enterprise, the multi-sensor platform from Thermoteknix, enabling plant operators to maximise kiln performance, efficiency and safety via a single, modular platform and display.

Single user interface, displaying multiple kiln and cooler sensors

MultiView Enterprise from Thermoteknix is a unique solution which provides a dynamic timeline with a single, intuitive common user interface, for the seamless display and operation of multiple temperature sensors inside and outside the rotary kiln and cooler.

Switch between sensors, compare live and historical data

MultiView Enterprise gives operators the power to view, switch between sensors, and compare live and historical data separately or in sync between the kiln shell, burning zone and cooler. Simple VCR controls provide rewind, pause, replay and graphical trends along a continuous timeline from past to present.


Above: MultiView Enterprise gives plant operators and control rooms a single view and timeline of all kiln, cooler and pyro processes.


Key features and benefits to plants and operators:


  • Advanced real-time monitoring: Monitor the kiln from light-up to shut down, enabling early identification of developing refractory, fuel or feed problems including sudden refractory failures.
  • Integrated historical data from all sensors: Simply scroll back or forwards along the timeline to review a single sensor or multiple sensors separately or in timed sync.
  • Real-time alarming: Never miss an alarm! Linked to relays, audible alerts, on screen messages and email to selected recipients. Every alarm is recorded in the Thermoteknix MultiView Event Log.
  • OPC and analog outputs run continuously: Outputs uninterrupted by historical review.
  • Flexible configuration: View all on one screen or multiple screens to suit your control room layout and preference.
  • Lower training burden: Easy-to-use common controls for all sensors and an intuitive user interface specifically designed with the Cement plant control room in mind.

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