Global Cemfuels Conference & Exhibition 2018

The Global CemFuels Conference and Exhibition has established itself as the largest specialised annual alternative fuels conference and exhibition in the world, attracting 150 – 200 international delegates and many exhibitors each year.

The 12th Global CemFuels event in Berlin will showcase the best alternative fuels projects and equipment from the cement industry in Europe and from around the world. Fuel mix optimisation and combustion and pyro-process optimisation will be examined in depth. Delegates are expected to attend from more than 40 countries, to learn from experts how to start to use – or to increase their use of – alternative fuels.

Thermoteknix will be showcasing our latest solutions for the cement industry, including the ThermaScope HD Multi-View the real time imaging, recording and analysis system for ThermaScope HDC and ThermaScope HDT kiln and cooler cameras.

Our colleague Jason, International Technical Sales Manager will introduce you to our new and unique industry leading products and discuss how we can help you to increase your control and confidence in your process as you work toward increasing your AF substitution rates.  Our products enable you to optimise clinker quality and combustion efficiency online and Jason will be pleased to discuss any measurement problems you may be facing.

In the video below you can see the performance of the Multi-View software:


You can read more about our industrial systems here.